Axe 1.2 Upgrade Informaion

Official binaries are available at

Axe Core v1.2.0 is intended to serve as the foundation for Axe Evolution, a broadly scoped update to our network intended to facilitate and enable new payment methods and technologies. Please see the Axe Core v1.2.0 Product Brief for an overview of new features, and complete this 3 question survey to help us assess the impact of this upgrade.

Installation notes

Axe Core v1.2.0.0 will automatically activate DIP002, DIP003 and DIP004 once 80% of the network has upgraded. Mining pools must mine an upgraded block and pay an upgraded masternode to successfully signal the upgrade in a block, and 80% of blocks in a window must signal in order to lock in the upgrade. Please confirm the status of network uptake before proceeding as the upgrade path differs slightly depending on on your timing.

  • Activation status can be tracked in the image below or at this site.

Axe v1.2.0.0 adoption by miners

  • Masternode upgrade status can be tracked at Axe Ninja
  • If you are updating to Axe Core v1.2.0.0 prior to this 80% threshold you should be able to simply shut down the daemon and replace it with the updated binary.
  • If you are updating to Axe Core v1.2.0.0 after this 80% threshold is reached please note that you will need to re-index the chainstate using the “-reindex-chainstate” command.


Please note that Axe Core v1.2.0.0 requires a one-time upgrade to all related software and libraries to ensure continued compatibility.

Please see the official Release Notes for a complete listing of RPC improvements, in summary:

  • Mining: getBlockTemplate now returns an array for masternode payments instead of a single object.
  • InstantSend: instantlock status is now included in getrawmempool, getmempoolancestors, getmempooldescendants, getmempoolentry, getrawtransaction, decoderawtransaction, gettransaction, listtransactions, listsinceblock.

Libraries and APIs

The following lists the current upgrade status for libraries: